Where Local Restaurants Compete for the Title of the Best Chowder

As the weather turns cool and crisp, there’s nothing quite like a warm bowl of chowder to satisfy your taste buds. Across the country, local restaurants are vying for the title of the best chowder, offering up their own unique takes on this classic dish. From creamy clam chowder to spicy seafood chowder, there’s something for every chowder lover to enjoy.

Competition Overview

Each year, local restaurants in various cities and towns host chowder competitions to determine who makes the best chowder in the area. These competitions often feature a panel of judges, as well as a people’s choice award, allowing both experts and everyday chowder enthusiasts to have their say.

Restaurants are judged on a variety of criteria, including flavor, consistency, presentation, and overall creativity. Some competitions also have specific categories, such as best seafood chowder, best vegetarian chowder, and best overall chowder.

Participant Restaurants

Local restaurants of all sizes and styles participate in these competitions, from cozy mom-and-pop diners to upscale seafood restaurants. Each restaurant puts its own spin on chowder, using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and innovative cooking techniques to stand out from the competition.

Some restaurants are known for their traditional New England-style clam chowder, while others offer more adventurous options, such as lobster chowder or even a vegan version. Regardless of their approach, each restaurant is proud to showcase their best chowder recipe and compete for the top prize.

Community Involvement

Chowder competitions are not only a chance for restaurants to show off their culinary skills, but also a way to bring the community together. These events often draw large crowds, allowing locals and visitors alike to sample a wide variety of chowders and support their favorite restaurants.

Many competitions also include live music, children’s activities, and even cooking demonstrations, creating a festive atmosphere for all ages to enjoy. In addition, some competitions partner with local charities or organizations, donating a portion of the proceeds to a worthy cause and giving back to the community.


Local chowder competitions are a fun and delicious way for restaurants to showcase their best chowder recipes and for the community to come together to celebrate this beloved dish. Whether you’re a die-hard chowder fan or just looking for a tasty weekend activity, attending a chowder competition is a great way to support local businesses and enjoy some fantastic food.


How can I find a chowder competition near me?


You can easily find chowder competitions near you by checking local event listings, searching online, or following your favorite restaurants and community organizations on social media. Many competitions also have websites or Facebook pages where they post updates and ticket information.

Can I participate as a judge in a chowder competition?


Some chowder competitions allow members of the public to serve as judges, especially for the people’s choice award. Check the competition’s website or contact the organizers directly to inquire about opportunities to become a judge. It can be a fun and rewarding experience for chowder enthusiasts!

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