Ski Resort Events: New Hampshire’s Ski Resorts Host Various Events Throughout the Winter

When the snow starts to fall, New Hampshire’s ski resorts come alive with a variety of exciting events and activities. From live music and fireworks to racing competitions and family fun days, there’s something for everyone to enjoy throughout the winter season.

Attitash Mountain Resort

Attitash Mountain Resort hosts a range of events, including their popular Snowshoe Under the Moon series, where participants can explore the mountain trails under the light of the full moon. They also host live music and entertainment in their apres-ski lounge, making it a great place to unwind after a day on the slopes.

Loon Mountain Resort

Loon Mountain Resort is known for its diverse events calendar, which includes everything from torchlight parades and fireworks displays to family movie nights and rail jam competitions. They also offer special events for holidays like Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, ensuring there’s always something fun happening at the mountain.

Gunstock Mountain Resort

Gunstock Mountain Resort hosts a variety of events throughout the winter, including their Winter Carnival with activities like ski racing, tubing, and snowshoeing. They also offer live music and entertainment at their outdoor amphitheater, providing a festive atmosphere for visitors to enjoy.


New Hampshire’s ski resorts go above and beyond to provide visitors with an unforgettable winter experience. From special holiday events to weekly entertainment and competitions, there’s always something new and exciting happening on the slopes. Whether you’re a seasoned skier or just looking for some family-friendly fun, the ski resorts of New Hampshire have something for everyone to enjoy.


Q: Are these events open to the public?


A: Yes, the events hosted by New Hampshire’s ski resorts are open to the public. Some events may require a ticket or admission fee, so be sure to check the resort’s website for details.

Q: Do I need to be a skier to attend these events?


A: No, many of the events at the ski resorts are open to non-skiers as well. Whether you’re looking to enjoy live music, fireworks, or family activities, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of skiing ability.

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